NXNE Comedy 2013: Easy-View Show Schedule

NXNE 2013 Easy-View Show Schedule

It’s official: With over 44 shows in just 5 days, NXNE has just become the largest Comedy Festival in Canada! That’s a lot of shows and a ton of performers to follow…so why not just follow us? Presenting all show breakdowns, line-ups and times- Comedy Uncovered has it covered.

For even more comics and up-to-date listings, be sure to check the schedulizer and follow @nxne on Twitter. To get in to these shows, just show your NXNE pass or wristband.


Comedy Bar, The LOT, Yuk Yuk’s, Creatures Creating, Measure, Tranzac, Panasonic Theatre, Danforth Music Hall


Comedy Bar — Main Space
8:00 pm — Road Trip Mixtape (approx. 60 min)
9:30 pm — Zombie Toronto (75 minutes)
11:00 pm — The Epic Nerd Show (90 min)
Comedy Bar — Cabaret
8:00 pm — Chuckle Co: (approx. 80 min)
THE LOT Comedy Club
8:00 pm — Comedy Records Presents (90 min)
10:00 pm — NXNE Presents (100 min)
Yuk Yuk’s
5:00-7:00 pm — Canadian Comedy Awards Announcements (120min)
8:00 pm — Comedy Awards Show (70min)
The Tranzac
9:00 pm — NXNE Presents (90 minutes)

Show Breakdowns



Bad Dog Theatre Company presents hilarious shows that’ll take you on the road, put a map in your hands, have you eating brains, then have you eating eggs.

Road Trip Mixtape: Can’t take a trip this summer? Come ride shotgun on theirs with a fully-improvised musical featuring some of Toronto’s finest improv talent. Who are these people hitting the road together? Where are they going? What are they running to? Who are they running from? Hitchhikers, pit stops, seedy motels, roadside attractions, love affairs, blowout fights, amusement parks… anything can happen. They’ll decide on the spot by asking the audience for a few suggestions to help them make the whole thing up. Think Glee meets The Hangover, except the songs are totally improvised — never to be heard again. Well, except by the audience members humming them as they leave the theatre.

Zombie Toronto: The zombie apocalypse is upon us… and it’s funnier than you expected. Citizens of Hogtown, help this group of intrepid survivors make their way through Toronto’s devastated downtown core. There’s no way to know who will live and who will perish. If you’ve ever wondered whether your zombie survival plan will work, now is the time to find out. Tell them your zombie-beating strategy and this amazing group of improvisers will enact all of the stunning successes and harrowing defeats.



Comedy Records is Canada’s premiere label dedicated to bringing funny to the masses. Based in Toronto, they’re all about supporting comedy through album releases and live showcases.

This will be the 3rd year that Comedy Records has presented showcases at NXNE. This year features five full nights of laughs with roster talent, as well as friends of the label.

Wednesday, June 12th at The LOT (schedulizer) (poster)
8:00 pm — Bryan O’Gorman (host)
8:10 pm — Chris Roberts
8:20 pm — Keesha Brownie
8:30 pm — Andrew Ivimey
8:40 pm — Dustin Chafin
8:50 pm — Tyler Morrison
9:00 pm — Tim Nasiopoulos*
9:10 pm — Gilson Lubin*


The Canadian Comedy Awards

Because comics need trophies too, the Canadian Comedy Awards make their 2013 nominations and finish it off the only way they know how: laughter over the tears of all the comics who didn’t get one.

The Canadian Comedy Awards Festival was founded by the Canadian Comedy Foundation for Excellence, a not-for-profit organization. A third entity, the Canadian Comedy Association, has been created and is also under this umbrella, providing a mechanism for national voting and awarding of “The Beavers” each year. The organizations and the team behind them share a common goal: to celebrate and grow Canadian comedic talent.

The Canadian Comedy Awards Started in 2000 and have been an integral part of the growth and exposure of Canadian Comedians. NXNE & Canadian Comedy Awards have teamed up for 2013 to bring you a winners alumni show featuring some of Canada’s most recognizable names and faces. The Canadian Comedy Awards take place this October in Ottawa.

Wednesday, June 12th at Yuk Yuks (schedulizer)
5:00 to 7:00 — 2013 nominee announcement
8:00 pm — Peter Anthony*
8:10 pm — Eric Andrews*
8:40 pm — Aaron Berg*
9:00 pm — Kristeen von Hagen*


Chuckle Co

Oh hi there. What is Chuckle Co. and how does it work, you ask? Whoa hey, one question at a time, please.
First off, Chuckle Co. is awesome. Second, here’s how it works. Every Wednesday, a different Chuckle Co. producer(s) will bring you a totally different show. It’s nuts, right!?
For NXNE, Chuckle Co. is putting on a showcase featuring all of the producers of Chuckle Co. in one monumental show.

Wednesday, June 12th at Comedy Bar — Cabaret Room (schedulizer) | CHUCKLE CO.
8:00 pm — Michael Kolberg
8:10 pm — Joel Buxton
8:20 pm — Steve Patrick Adams
8:30 pm — Jordan Foisy
8:40 pm — Amanda Brooke Perrin*
8:50 pm — DJ Demers
9:00 pm — Matt O’Brien*



We’re funny too. Occasionally, and if you squint hard enough. Okay, fine — but we definitely know funny people, including NXNE Comedy headliner Big Jay Oakerson.

Wednesday, June 12th at The LOT (schedulizer)
10:00 pm — Bryan Hatt*
10:10 pm — Aaron Weingott
10:20 pm — Ashley Moffatt
10:30 pm — Graham Kay*
10:40 pm — Allie Myers
10:50 pm — Mike Rita*
11:00 pm — Ted Morris*
11:10 pm — Darcy Michael
11:20 pm — Eddie Della Siepe*

Wednesday, June 12th at Tranzac (schedulizer)
9:00 pm — Rob Bebenek*
9:10 pm — Allie Myers
9:20 pm — Ben Beauchemin
9:30 pm — Adam Paisley
9:40 pm — Justin Williams
9:50 pm — Kyle Hickey
10:00 pm — Luke Thayer
10:10 pm — Trixx



The Epic Nerd Show gives you the opportunity to embrace your inner nerd. Or one of these nerds. Just make sure you ask their permission first.

Wednesday, June 12th at Comedy Bar — Main Space (schedulizer)
11:00 pm — Bobby Knauff (host)
11:10 pm — Craig Fay*
11:20 pm — Evany Rosen
11:30 pm — Ian MacIntyre
11:40 pm — Luke Gordon Field
11:50 pm — Mark Little*
12:00 am — Dylan Gott*
12:10 am — Andrew Ivimey


Comedy Bar — Main Space
8:00 pm — You Are Here (50 minutes)
9:00 pm — Egg Zeppelin (45 minutes)
11:00 pm — Laugh Sabbath (100 min)
Comedy Bar — Cabaret
8:00 pm — Comedy Bar Podcast: (approx. 90 min)
2:00 am — The Dark Show: (approx. 80 min)
THE LOT Comedy Club
8:00 pm — Comedy Records Presents (90 min)
10:00 pm — Happy Contest Time (100 min)
8:00 pm — Toronto Sketch Comedy Fest (95min)
10:30 pm — Toronto Sketch Comedy Fest 115min)
The Tranzac
9:00 pm — NXNE Presents (90 minutes)

Show Breakdowns

Comedy Bar — Main Space, 8pm.
You Are Here: What you get when you take a dozen of the most charming performers on the cutting edge of Canadian unscripted comedy, drop them on an imaginary map and let them take you by surprise. Like Google Maps streetview hopped up on energy drinks and imagination, You Are Here uses the audience’s suggestions to dream up a totally fictional place, right down to the tiniest details, full of very real-feeling lives and events. You Are Here is improv at its best from an award-winning cast — an incredibly unique and entertaining theatrical experience you’ll have trouble believing they just made up on the spot.

Cast: Craig Anderson, Jess Bryson, Kyle Dooley, Sarah Hillier, Colin Munch, Etan Muskat, Paloma Nunez, Chris Ramelan, Evany Rosen, Hannah Spear, Sean Tabares & Anders Yates


Happy Contest Time small

Chuckle Co. is also presenting a very special edition of Happy Contest Time on Thursday, June 13th at The LOT. Happy Contest Time is a stand-up competition that combines the fun of Japanese Game shows with the warped minds of comedians Desiree Lavoy and Deborah Etta Robinson. It’s the adult version of Yo Gabba Gabba. The show is a jam packed hour and 30 minutes full of dancing, stand-up, space robots, mascots, gifts from the gas station, and charming Japanese school girl judges.

10:00 pm — Garrett Jamieson
10:10 pm – Amanda Brooke Perrin*
10:20 pm — Barry Taylor
10:30 pm — Tom Henry
10:40 pm — Michael Kolberg
10:50 pm — Sara Hennessey
11:00 pm — Monty Scott
11:10 pm — Deborah Robinson

Comedy Bar — Main Space, 8pm.

Egg Zeppelin: Egg Zeppelin is a two-person, long-form improvisational comedy show. From audience suggestions, the comedy duo of Kris Siddiqi and Marcel St. Pierre create a spontaneous hour in the lives of “Dude” and “Man”, the owner-operators of a dilapidated greasy spoon in a non-specific, small Canadian town just a few hours on the Trans-Canada Highway, halfway between ‘here’ and ‘there’.

They cook. They talk rock, politics, history, philosophy, or whatever their local early-morning talk-jock suggests. They play guitar, sing songs, and dish out all-day breakfast and advice to whoever drops in – usually someone stuck at a literal or figurative crossroad on the way to a gig. Add to that a musical segment that features a revolving door of musical guests, who literally sing for their breakfasts as per the house rule posted above the grill: IF YOU CAN PLAY, YOU DON’T PAY. Oh yeah… and real bacon, cooked live on stage. What’s not to love?

Cast: Marcel St. Pierre & Kris Siddiqi — musical guest: TBA

COMEDY BAR PODCAST, Thursday, Comedy Bar Cabaret Space, 10pm.

Comedy Bar Comedy Podcast — it’s the dumbest podcast you’ll ever have to admit you find really, really funny. Either that or you’ll hate it. Guests tba.

Thursday, June 13th at Tranzac (schedulizer) | BIG JAY OAKERSON
9:00 pm — Kristeen von Hagen* (host)
9:10 pm — Andrew Barr
9:20 pm — Stephen Spinola
9:30 pm — Jeff Elliott
9:40 pm — Christina Walkinshaw*
9:50 pm — Luis J. Gomez
10:00 pm — Big Jay Oakerson

The LOT Comedy Club, 8pm.
8:00 pm — Monty Scott (host)
8:10 pm — Brian Coughlin
8:20 pm — David Tsonos
8:30 pm — Andrew Chapman
8:40 pm — Barry Taylor
8:50 pm — Mark Bennett
9:00 pm — Nile Seguin
9:10 pm — Arthur Simeon

10:00 pm — Nick Reynoldson
10:10 pm — DJ Demers
10:20 pm — Aisha Alfa
10:30 pm — Patrick Hakeem
10:40 pm — Monty Scott
10:50 pm — Sarah Donaldson
11:00 pm — Ali Hassan
11:10 pm — Dave Merheje



The funny folks at Laugh Sabbath are hosting some great comedy shows. What’s next, a film festival? Oh. Wait.

Thursday, June 13th at Comedy Bar — Main Space (schedulizer)
11:00 pm — James Hartnett
11:10 pm — Adam Christie*
11:20 pm — Stephanie Kaliner
11:30 pm — Bob Kerr
11:40 pm — Kathleen Phillips
11:50 pm — Tim Gilbert*
12:00 am — Sara Hennessey
12:10 am — Tom Henry
12:20 am — Nick Flanagan
12:30 am — Chris Locke*


The Dark Show

The Dark Comedy Festival was created in 2010 by comedian Rob Mailloux. It’s a 10 day festival that has hosted artists like Doug Stanhope, Jim Jefferies, Maria Bamford, and Jim Norton. The main festival takes place in Toronto and there are on the road shows all over the country. Not for overly sensitive/unreasonable people.

Thursday, June 13th at Comedy Bar — Cabaret Room (schedulizer)
2:00 am — Dom Pare*
2:10 am — Josh Infald
2:20 am — Luis J. Gomez
2:40 am — Aaron Berg*
2:50 am — Dustin Chafin
3:00 am — Rob Mailloux
3:10 am — Darren Frost*


sketch fest best of

These Toronto Sketch Comedy Fest showcases are so sketchy, you’ll wish you listened to that guy that came into your gym class in fifth grade and taught you self defence.

You can find out more on Toronto Sketch Fest here (including troupe photos and bios) + visit their box office.

Thursday, June 13th at Measure (schedulizer)
8:00 pm — Introduction
8:05 pm — Hip.Bang!
8:20 pm — Two Weird Ladies
8:35 pm — British Teeth
8:50 pm — Intermission
9:00 pm – The Templeton Philharmonic
9:15 pm — Jape

10:30 pm — Introduction
10:35 pm — The Impatient Theatre Co.
10:50 pm — Rulers Of The Universe
11:05 pm — The Reception
11:20 pm — Intermission
11:35 pm — Tony Ho
11:50 pm — Ladystache
12:05 am — 2 MAN NO-show

FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2013

Comedy Bar — Main Space
10:30 pm — Comedy Uncovered Presents (100 min)
Comedy Bar — Cabaret
8:00 am — HUH!?!?: (approx. 90 min)
11:00 pm — NXNE Presents (approx. 100 min)
2:00 am — Strip Comedy (approx. 65 min)
THE LOT Comedy Club
8:00 pm — Comedy Records Presents (90 min)
10:00 pm — Comedy Records Presents (90 min)
8:00 pm — Toronto Sketch Comedy Fest (70min)
10:30 pm — NXNE Presents (90min)
The Tranzac
9:00 pm — NXNE Presents (120 minutes)
Creatures Collective
12:00 pm — I HEART JOKES DANCE PARTY (105min)
Yuk Yuk’s
12:00 pm — That New York Show (105min)

Show Breakdowns



Toronto’s online comedy magazine tells the story of Toronto’s changing comedy scene through interviews with local comedians and industry folk, recommendations for training, room reviews, and show listings. NXNE is proud to have Comedy Uncovered on board to showcase a night of some of the best comics from across North America. They will also be documenting all of the NXNE 2013 comedy shows.

Friday, June 14th at The Comedy Bar — Main Space (schedulizer) | BIG JAY OAKERSON
10:30 pm — Eddie Della Siepe* (host)
10:40 pm — Andrew Chapman
10:50 pm — Graham Kay*
11:00 pm — Rhiannon Archer
11:10 pm — Rob & Alastair
11:25 pm — Erik Bramberg
11:35 pm — Bryan Hatt*
11:45 pm — Big Jay Oakerson

8:00 pm — Garrett Jamieson (host)
8:10 pm — Jordan Foisy
8:20 pm — Danny Polishchuk
8:30 pm — Diana Love
8:40 pm — Deborah Robinson
8:50 pm — Ben Miner*
9:00 pm — Tim Golden
9:10 pm — Steph Tolev

I Heart Jokes

I Heart Jokes Logo

I Heart Jokes was started in 2009 as a independent open mic. Founder Evan Desmarais started the show in hope of creating stage time for himself because it can be hard to get up when you’re first starting out in the city. Now, I Heart Jokes is a “for us by us” company that has birthed shows such as Strip Comedy (as seen in NXNE and the Toronto Star,) as well as producing shows with such talents as Eddie Ifft and James Adomian. I Heart Jokes not only focuses on the professional but also is proud of having some of the top open mics in the city of Toronto.

Friday, June 14th at Creatures Creating (schedulizer)
12:00 am — Chris Robinson
12:10 am — Jordan Sowunmi
12:20 am — Chris Locke*
12:30 am — Keith Pedro
12:40 am — Paul Thompson
12:50 am — Evan Desmarais
1:00 am — Amanda Brooke Perrin*
1:10 am — Dave Merheje
1:20 am — Andrew Shultz
1:45 am to 3:00 am — DJs THEbass6, Garrett Welldone, and Alex Creamie



HUH!? features some of the most bizzaro and absurdist acts this side of the nuthouse. Prepare to see them all in one crazy show, surely something you won’t forget or be able to…

Friday, June 14th at Comedy Bar — Cabaret Room (schedulizer)
8:00 pm — Terry Clement
8:10 pm — Philip Nozuka
8:20 pm — Chris Locke*
8:30 pm — Pat Thornton
8:40 pm — Isaac Paris
8:50 pm — Freddie Rivas
9:00 pm — Mark Forward
9:10 pm — Winston Spear

Friday, June 14th at Comedy Bar — Cabaret Room (schedulizer)
11:00 pm — Claire Brosseau* (host)
11:10 pm — Ryan Long
11:20 pm — Linda Ellis*
11:30 pm — Leny Corrado
11:40 pm — Sam Rudykoff
11:50 pm — Jamie O’Connor
12:00 am — James Nghiem
12:10 am — Ned Petrie
12:20 am — John Hastings*


Strip comedy

Strip Comedy combines everyone’s favorite game of strip poker with stand-up comedy. With the help of the judges, audience members will determine which jokes didn’t cut it. Then, off comes an article of clothing. After the success of the 2012 show, NXNE proudly welcomes Strip Comedy back for more hilarious 2 am debauchery.

Friday, June 14th at The Comedy Bar — Cabaret Room (schedulizer)
Judges: Matt Folliott & Alex Tindal
2:00 am — Dan Galea (host)
2:10 am — Dom Pare*
2:20 am — Evan Desmarais
2:34 am — Diana Bailey
2:40 am — Julia Hladkowicz*
2:50 am — Diana Love

Friday, June 14th at Measure (schedulizer) | BEST OF THE FEST ENCORE SHOW
8:00 pm — introduction
8:10 pm — The Rocket Scientists
8:30 pm — Deadpan Powerpoint
8:50 pm — intermission
9:05 pm — She Said What (2013 winner)

Friday, June 14th at Tranzac (schedulizer) | BIG JAY OAKERSON
9:00 pm — Rob Pue* (host)
9:10 pm — Nigel Grinstead
9:20 pm — Kyle Dooley
9:30 pm — Brian Armstrong
9:40 pm — Julia Hladkowicz*
9:50 pm — Luis J. Gomez
10:00 pm — Big Jay Oakerson

Friday, June 14th & Saturday, June 15th at Yuk Yuks (schedulizer)
12:00 am — Aaron Berg*
12:15 am — Luis J. Gomez
12:30 am — Kaytlin Bailey
12:40 am — Dave Smith
1:00 am — Dustin Chafin

Friday, June 14th at Measure (schedulizer)
10:30 pm — Darcy Michael
10:40 pm — Claire Stollery
10:50 pm — Lance Bird
11:00 pm — Rob Bebenek*
11:10 pm — Sam Burns
11:20 pm — Kirk Jorgenson
11:30 pm — David Heti*
11:40 pm — Eric Andrews*


Comedy Bar — Main Space
8:00 pm — Greg Behrendt (90 min)
10:30 pm — Greg Behrendt (90 min)
12:00 pm — Fan Fiction: Walking Dead (90 min)
Comedy Bar — Cabaret
11:00 pm — NXNE Presents (approx. 100 min)
2:00 am — The Dark Show (approx. 90 min)
THE LOT Comedy Club
8:00 pm — Comedy Records Presents (90 min)
10:00 pm — Comedy Records Presents (90 min)
Vapor Central
8:00 pm — Vapor Central (90 min)
10:00 pm — Vapor Central (90 min)
Yuk Yuk’s
12:00 pm — That New York Show (105min)

Show Breakdowns

Saturday, June 15th at Comedy Bar — Cabaret Room (schedulizer)
2:00 am — Luis J. Gomez
2:10 am — Dom Pare*
2:20 am — David Heti*
2:30 am — Amanda Day
2:40 am — Isaac Paris
2:50 am — Dave Smith
3:00 am — Rob Mailloux
3:10 am — Darren Frost*



Empire Comedy Live and NXNE present Greg Behrendt, the start of four Just For Laughs galas, four Tonight Shows, host of Walking the Room, and a New York Times bestselling author.

Greg Behrendt should be known for many things. He’s a lifelong comedian who accidentally became the best-selling co-author of He’s Just Not That Into You; he hosted the weirdly named Greg Behrendt Show; he was the straight-male voice of reason as a script consultant on Sex and the City; and he’s the foremost collector of small glass pig figurines (or “pigurines.”)

Saturday, June 15th at Comedy Bar — Main Space (schedulizer)
8:00 pm & 10:30 pm — Empire Comedy Live & NXNE present Greg Behrendt



Original fan-generated material from authors all over the world, performed live by Toronto’s funniest comedians. After months of standing room only events, Fan Fiction the Show wants braaaaaaains…. braaaaaains. 

Worlds are shaken up with your favourite characters acting in strange and unexpected ways. Who will win the arm wrestle between Daryl and knife-handed Merle? How does Rick feel about Ash from The Evil Dead moving in on Lori? And why can’t T-Dog stop talking?

Volunteers will be on hand to help with makeup and blood to zombify everyone in attendance.

Saturday, June 15th at Comedy Room — Main Space (schedulizer)
12:00 am to 2:00 am — Fan Fiction the Show Presents: Walking Dead
Hosted by Diana Bailey

Saturday, June 15th at The LOT (schedulizer) (poster 8 pm) (poster 10 pm)
8:00 pm — Barry Taylor (host)
8:10 pm — James Nghiem
8:20 pm — Paul Thompson
8:30 pm — Lianne Mauladin
8:40 pm — Daniel Woodrow
8:50 pm — Amanda Brooke Perrin*
9:00 pm — Nick Reynoldson
9:10 pm — Debra DiGiovanni

10:00 pm — Tim Golden (host)
10:10 pm — Chris Robinson
10:20 pm — Definition of Knowledge
10:30 pm — Nick Flanagan
10:40 pm — Todd Graham
10:50 pm — Sandra Battaglini
11:00 pm — Garrett Jamieson
11:10 pm — Precious Chong

Saturday, June 15th at Vapor Central (schedulizer)
8:00 pm — Bryan O’Gorman (host)
8:10 pm — Zabrina Chevannes
8:20 pm — Xerxes Cortez
8:30 pm — Nick Carter
8:40 pm — Nigel Grinstead
8:50 pm — Julian Kross
9:00 pm — Alex Nussbaum*
9:10 pm — Hunter Collins*

10:00 pm — Bryan O’Gorman (host)
10:10 pm — Ernie Vicente
10:20 pm — Isaac Paris
10:30 pm — James Nghiem
10:40 pm — Andrew Barr
10:50 pm — Dylan Gott*
11:00 pm — Mike Rita*

Saturday, June 15th at Comedy Bar — Cabaret Room (schedulizer)
11:00 pm — John Hastings*
11:10 pm — Dan Thiel
11:20 pm — Ariel Kagan
11:30 pm — Connor Savage
11:40 pm — Christi Olson
11:50 pm — Sam Burns
12:00 am — Geoff MacKay
12:10 am — Jordan Cohen
12:20 am — Matt Billon

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Comedy Bar — Main Space
8:00 pm — The Sketchersons(90 min)
The Danforth Music Hall
8:00 pm — Donnell Rawlings (approx. 100 min)
THE LOT Comedy Club
8:00 pm — Comedy Records Presents (90 min)
10:00 pm — NXNE Presents (90 min)
The Panasonic Theatre
8:00 pm — Dylan Moran (approx. 100 min)

Sunday, June 16th at The LOT (schedulizer) | BIG JAY OAKERSON
10:00 pm — Matt O’Brien*
10:10 pm — Jarrett Campbell
10:20 pm — Erik Bamberg
10:30 pm — Keven Soldo
10:40 pm — Eric Andrews*
10:50 pm — Jon Steinberg*
11:00 pm — Alex Pavone*
11:10 pm — Big Jay Oakerson


The NXNE Lottery Series is your chance to get the most bang for your buck. We’re talking big shows that we’re giving away tickets to. Yep, all you need is your NXNE Combo, Mundo, or Priority pass or full-festival wristband + some luck to get in.


Sunday, June 16th at The Danforth Music Hall (schedulizer) | DONNELL RAWLINGS
presented by RFlavour
8:00 pm — Jay Martin (host)
8:15 pm — Dwayne Morgan
8:30 pm — Nick Reynoldson
8:45 pm — Dave Merheje
9:00 pm — Trixx
9:15 pm — Donnell Rawlings


Sunday, June 16th at Panasonic Theatre (schedulizer) | DYLAN MORAN
presented by Westbeth Entertainment
8:00 pm — Dylan Moran



The Sketchersons are a sketch comedy troupe based in Toronto. They are winners of the 2007 Canadian Comedy Award for best sketch troupe, an award they had been nominated for each of the three years prior and were again nominated for in the following three. They have performed across Canada and the United States, including the 2005 and 2006 Montreal Fringe Festival, the 2006 New York Fringe Festival, the 2008 Just For Laughs sketch comedy gala in Toronto and the 2009 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival. Members of the troupe are also active in Toronto’s comedy scene and can be seen at various shows around the city including Laugh Sabbath, The Last Comedy Show, and Projectproject, amongst others. This is a troupe that will have you saying: “I saw them back in the day when no one knew who they were.”

Sunday, June 16th at Comedy Bar — Main Space (schedulizer)
8:00 pm — Sunday Night Live (plus musical guest)


That New York Show

Yuk Yuks is Canada’s largest comedy chain, established in 1977 by Mark Breslin (A Universal Language documentary screens at NXNE Film.) Alumni of Yuk Yuks include: Jim Carrey, Russell Peters, Howie Mandel, Tom Green, Norm MacDonald, and Rick Moranis, to name a few. Yuk Yuks & NXNE have teamed up to showcase That New York Show, featuring some of the New Yorks fastest rising stars. This showcase is curated by Aaron Berg, a Toronto native now living in New York.

Sunday, June 16th at The LOT (schedulizer) (poster)
8:00 pm — Tim Nasiopoulos* (host)
8:10 pm — Megan Pettit
8:20 pm — Pat MacDonald
8:30 pm — Rhiannon Archer
8:40 pm — Jeff Paul
8:50 pm — Josh Elijah
9:00 pm — Clifford Myers
9:10 pm — Bryan O’Gorman

* comic provided by Yuk Yuks

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About The Author: Taylor Erwin

Taylor Erwin, 26, is creator, editor and CEO of Comedy Uncovered. A screenwriter, comedian, producer, copywritert, and life-long fan of comedy, he’s now committed his talents and skills to a series of diverse projects until he “gets his.” After obtaining an engineering degree from Ryerson University, he migrated to New York City. It was here, while working on a series of large industrial construction projects, he immersed himself in the NYC comedy scene which left a great impression on him. Returning to Toronto with new found inspiration and vigor, he wrote and performed two one-man shows, left his engineering job and traveled abroad. Currently back in Toronto, he spends his time performing, writing, and, as Taylor puts it, “livin’ the dream.”