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Comedy Uncovered is Toronto’s Online Comedy Magazine. We tell the story of Toronto’s changing comedy scene through interviews with local comedians and industry types, recommendations for training, room reviews and show listings.

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Taylor Erwin, 26, is creator, editor and CEO of Comedy Uncovered. A screenwriter, comedian, producer, copywriter and life-long fan of comedy, he’s now committed his talents and skills to a series of diverse projects until he “gets his.” After obtaining an engineering degree from Ryerson University, he migrated to New York City. It was here, while working on a series of large industrial construction projects, he immersed himself in the NYC comedy scene which left a great impression on him. Returning to Toronto with new found inspiration and vigor, he wrote and performed two one-man shows, left his engineering job and traveled abroad. Currently back in Toronto, he spends his time performing, writing, and, as Taylor puts it, “livin’ the dream.”


Steve Goetz, 26, is Photographer and Assistant-Editor of Comedy Uncovered. A Toronto-based photographer and journalist, his writing and pictures have appeared in The Toronto Star, Openfile, QMI wire service and The EyeOpener. He is currently studying journalism at Ryerson University. In 2011, he was awarded the Thomson Reuters Award for most promising newspaper reporter. Steve’s fearless pursuit of truth knows no boundary; his dedication to his craft has led him to the ghettos of Caracas, riots in Colombia, and this year will bring him to his most dangerous location yet: Walt Disney World.


Zo Khan, 26, runs the Business Development of Comedy Uncovered. Although, this title doesn’t do him justice – he’s more of a Business Visionary. After obtaining his Aerospace Engineering degree from Ryerson University, Zo invented, patented and is currently in the developmental stages of a revolutionary product, Heat Pave (the details are still confidential, so shhh). He is also currently working towards a new and exciting Toronto artist movement, T-dots Own. You could say Zo is the Chuck Norris of entrepreneurialism. His personal mentor, the President of a University, chose him. He creates jobs, only to fill them himself. He once camped outside a reluctant Government Representative’s office for 3 days insisting the guy’s signature…then collected. You get it; Zo means business.