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By: Lauren De Vries

In a world where Trump seems to be increasingly impervious to mockery, comedians have been forced to up their game in order to take “42” down a peg.

In our opinion, the greatest comedians are those who call out and undermine authority. Whether it’s the ingenious Trump vs. Bernie debates, Seinfeld calling out petty societal norms (or Hollywood itself), or that one Jon Stewart appearance that single handedly cancelled Crossfire, satire is one of the most powerful tools for rebellion. So imagine our glee when Sarah Silverman skipped the nuance altogether and went for jugular in the aftermath of Trump’s presidential victory:

Considering we live in such a bizarrely terrifying time, here’s the top ten times comedians did us proud.

  1. Jon Stewart paid a visit to Late Night with Stephen Colbert to deliver Trump’s next batch of Executive Orders and also to give us hope for the ‘maybe-not’ destruction of America. (BONUS: Here’s Jon back at it again with those admonitions for the media’s depiction of Trump.)

  2. Flashback to Stephen Colbert’s first monologue of the Trump administration… and yes, as you can remember, he did not hold back.

  3. If you have not yet seen Conan O’Brien’s ‘Trump Talks to Obama’ series, you should take this opportunity to check it out. Start with this video.

  4. Trevor Noah pointed out recently just how bad Trump is at diplomacy, especially his attempts at negotiating peace in the Middle East.

  5. Seth Meyers had perhaps the best coverage of Trump’s recent bizarre press conference. If you were confused, don’t worry, so was everybody else.

  6. And of course Lewis Black channels his rage for a nice ol’ Trump bash. In style.

  7. Jon Oliver did a pretty amazing diatribe on the nature of reality under Trump in this interview.

  8. And then there’s Samantha Bee, who has been consistently amazing in her criticism of DT, including this video about, uhhm… pee.

  9. If you’re looking for the most effective (read: Trump-enraging) takedown, it would have to be Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump on SNL. Watch his defense of the travel ban in ‘the people’s court’.Trump and Putin

    ‘SNL’ takes Donald Trump to the ‘People’s Court’ over travel ban

  10.  Amy Hoggart, the new voice on Full Frontal,  also did a pretty great takedown all the way in Scotland. There’s even a little heart warm to wash down all that haggis.