#JFL42 Recap | Jenny Slate, Lucas Brothers, and Michelle Wolf, Oh my!

Taylor Erwin Reviews

By: Lauren De Vries

We’ve spent nearly every waking hour consumed in #JFL42, and it’s everything we thought it could be. Check out why Jenny Slate was absurdly hilarious, the Lucas brothers are dope AF, and Michelle Wolf contributes Daily (Show…a pun!).

Jenny Slate

Quick Herstory: You know (or have a great opportunity to come to know) Jenny Slate from Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Recreation, Girls, (Briefly) SNL, and Obvious Child just to name a sliver of her CV. She has two sisters, a Jewish heritage, and a degree from Columbia University. A Marcel the Shell movie has been rumoured to be in the making, so fans of her adorable internet sensation can look forward to that possibility sometime in the near future.

I’m in love with Jenny Slate. The lady who sat to the left of me during Jenny Slate’s recent JFL42 performance was not in love with Jenny Slate, and definitely not in love with me for laughing at almost everything Jenny Slate said, but that’s an annoyance I’m willing to inflict on another human being because Jenny Slate’s show was absolutely hilarious. I also feel obligated to point out that my new non-friend was in the minority, and the audience at the Queen Elizabeth theatre could not get enough of her rollercoaster of emotions.

 The show started with .Ms Slate introducing herself as her own oldest friend, dancing repeatedly to ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ by Jess Glynne, and then immediately making fun of herself for doing so, stating “I like to listen to [the song] on repeat as my world shrinks and shatters around me”. I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved this show. Part confessional, part absurdist storytelling, and part scorched fury (at one point she sarcastically said “I love holding the emotions of every man I meet” and all of the women just screamed), it is quite simply a tour de force that I am angry is not available for me to watch again and again and again. Netflix, please rectify this horrible mistake immediately.

Jenny Slate has no more announced shows as of yet! However, you can see her in her movie ‘Landline’ currently in theatres and in the upcoming show Big Mouth’ with John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, and a host of other fun/funny people. To hear about new performances, follow her on Twitter and also on Instagram just cause that one’s fun too.

The Lucas Brothers

Quick History: Keith and Kenny Lucas are identical twin brother comedians from New Jersey. They grew up poor, their father in prison for, as they put it, “hopefully murder”. The brothers went on to attend law school separately until both dropping out in third year to pursue comedy full-time. Since then, they’ve performed on Jimmy Fallon, had their own animated series ‘Lucas Bros. Moving Co.’, appeared in various TV shows and movies including 22 Jump Street, and have also released their hit Netflix special ‘On Drugs’.

The Show: Watching the Lucas Brothers do standup made me mourn the loss of a twin I’ve never had. That is to say, it was incredible. It may sound weird, but it was also possibly some of the most soothing standup I’ve ever witnessed. At the top of the show, the comics reassured us that they had brought ‘The History of Philosophy’ by Bertrand Russell in case things really went off the rails. Spoiler alert: they never did. Keith and Kenny Lucas were in complete control of the audience the entire time. Even when one of them (yes, you’ve guessed correctly, I cannot tell them apart they are very identical) would forget part of a punch line, their gentle ribbing of the other for forgetting in the first place would keep everyone equally entertained.

The two would also regularly laugh at each other’s jokes, creating some kind of a magical contact-high-laugh with everyone in attendance. I could literally have watched them perform for hours. Their delivery was calm, measured, gravelly, but then they moved around the stage as if by switching places they could better understand what the other was saying. I left the show wanting to give Limp Bizkit another try just because they talked about it, which is insane. If you have the chance to see them perform live, do it. Their Netflix special doesn’t begin to do them justice, and it’s a pretty good Netflix special.

The Lucas Brothers will be performing some upcoming shows in the US. Just click on the link to buy your tickets before they’re all sold out! You can follow them on their Twitter as well as their Instagram so that you can devote more of your free time to trying to tell them apart.

Michelle Wolf

You probably know Michelle Wolf as a contributor for the Daily Show. You may not know Michelle Wolf as a former track and fielder who studied Kinesiology in university. Or a former Bear Stearns/JPMorgan Chase employee. Or as a writer for ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’. Or as a regular reader of British spy and crime novels.

In any case, Michelle Wolf is a current champion of standup. She just finished filming her upcoming special for HBO in mid-August, and premiered new material at JFL42 to a pleasantly surprised audience. Standout bits included mother nature being a passive-aggressive woman (“What? So I raised the temperature a little bit. Are you uncomfortable?”) and some excellent period jokes that produced visceral responses in all genders of audience members. Michelle Wolf is hard to ignore, meaning that you shouldn’t ignore her cause she’s really funny.

Michelle Wolf has no more shows announced as of yet, but you can see her regularly on ‘The Daily Show and she has an upcoming special on HBO so watch for that! You can also follow her on Twitter for more information and updates, and Instagram to feel like you don’t get enough exercise (she runs ultra-marathons, guys).