#JFL42 Recap | Roy Wood Jr. & Brian Posehn

Taylor Erwin Reviews

By: Lauren De Vries

We’ve been busy bees. Check out our reviews of Roy Wood Jr. (Daily Show with Trevor Noah), and Brian Posehn, (Mr. Show, Bob’s Burgers) at #JFL42! 

Roy Wood Jr.

If you’ve seen Roy Wood Jr perform onstage, you’ve seen a man who’s beyond comfortable in front of an audience. This may be because he’s both done standup for 19 years and he’s (almost) done comedy in much tougher environments, namely for stingy drug dealers trying to raise start-up capital for their cocaine enterprises. Don’t ask, just watch his standup.

Standup which is, to say the least, finely tuned. A half-hour of truly solid jokes, jokes so solid that you begin wondering why you haven’t seen Wood Jr in a Netflix special (he wonders it as well during the set). The sheer weirdness of the jokes is at once comforting and surprising. He has an amazing twist that takes place partway through a bit about ‘Volcano’, the 1997 Tommy Lee Jones movie that I cannot spoil for you because it is the best Trump joke I have heard in a long time. And I, like many of you, have heard a LOT of Trump jokes. He also has a great plan to be posed naked in a storage unit after his death to avoid the icky parts of burial, so that’s something I know about now.

A little background. Roy Wood Jr is a 38-year-old Comedian from Birmingham, Alabama. He started comedy young at the age of 19 while attending Florida A&M University and studying broadcast journalism. Since then, he’s had several popular radio shows, been a series regular in ‘Sullivan & Son’, and released a comedy album ‘Things I Think I Think’. He is also currently a correspondent for the Daily Show, and has recently filmed his first special ‘Father Figure’.

Roy Wood Jr will be performing at JFL42 September 24th at 10:00PM at the Royal Theatre. Just click on the link to buy your tickets before they’re all sold out! You can also follow him on his Twitter or Instagram for your sad street macaroni needs.

 Brian Posehn

It is entirely likely that if you have nerd cred, you’ve already heard of Brian Posehn. The 51-year-old father from Sacramento California peppers his standup show with references to comic books and niche film and TV. Since my area of nerdery lies pretty squarely in the area of comedy, I’ll take a stab at giving you a background of his nerd credentials but may fall flat. Don’t come for me nerds, I’ve done kickboxing.

Brian Posehn has been popping up in popular television shows since 1994. He’s been on Seinfeld, Friends, Mr. Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, Kim Possible, Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, New Girl and several dozen others. And somehow he still has time to do standup. To add to his credentials, he has three comedy albums (Live In: Nerd Rage, Fart and Wiener Jokes, The Fartist). He’s also very into metal, and has both performed on other musician’s albums (see Evile’s ‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’) and written and performed songs of his own. Other skills to make you feel like you’re wasting your life away include co-writing comic books, hosting a podcast, and doing voice work for video games.

The man may not sleep, but he definitely masturbates and is unafraid to talk about it onstage. If you’re familiar with Brian Posehn’s standup, you will know that there is no subject too personal or too wrapped around his physical form to be talked about. His recent show was no exception. While I personally did not care for a lengthier bit at the end about reclaiming taboo slurs, Posehn brought his usual blunt and unapologetic tone to the topic. He also spoke hilariously on his childhood experiences (“Everyone wants to hang out with the crying kid on the bus”) and the difficulty of being a comedian and being unable to think of dumb things that haven’t already been invented in Portland (small-batch dildos, rescue apples, kazoo bands). Posehn is not a comedian for the faint of heart, but well worth any ticket price for fans of his self-effacing comedy. 

Brian Posehn will be performing some upcoming shows in the US. Just click on the link to buy your tickets before they’re all sold out! You can follow him on his Twitter and possibly his Instagram but it’s a private account so who even knows, give it a try and find out!