Tony Ho releases their newest short: “Time”

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Tony Ho fresh. (L to R) Adam Niebergal, the photogenic Roger Bainbridge, and Miguel Rivas.

We think Tony Ho is the ultimate testament to the capabilities of the modern sketch troupe. Each of their genre-bending shorts manages to find comedy in even the most terrible of moments; after all, people are people, no matter the situation. Their slow-burn style builds tension while their characters and scenarios entice our vested emotion, heightening that impending moment of funny. (Learn more about them in our recent Q&A: Tony Ho – Dark Genius.

Let’s talk their new work,TIME.


What inspired you to create TIME?

Tony Ho – Roger: I had wanted to do a scene about an estranged father and son where the focus was real hurt, and the father is unsure about whether he’s a victim of his son exacting a sort of gaslighting revenge. Then I began to think about Slaughterhouse Five and became really interested in that whole concept. I thought how that character (the novel’s Billy Pilgrim) has the exact opposite problem of trying to get people to believe something that’s almost impossible to understand. Thinking of how all of that could escalate quickly for one person (and over decades) and how it would unfold through the perception of a spectator (in our case, the father) was very funny to me.

The intensity of your scenes must make for a pretty interesting day of shooting. What’s the most memorable thing that happened on set?

Tony Ho – Roger: We shot this around Casa Loma, so there are a lot of very well-to-do joggers in the area. This woman dressed in a try-to-ignore-me pink jumpsuit ambushed our shooting and started begging us to come shoot her birthday party because she was going to have “thousands of people there” and she really needs to make a “documentary about her life.” We never did go to the party, but we heard it was great.
Tony Ho fearlessly searches (and finds) the honesty in any scenario. Check out their four short films:

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