Weekend Intensive: “Making a Career in Stand Up Comedy”

Taylor Erwin Blog, Hall of Fame

We know what you’re thinking: “You can’t teach someone to be funny…”

And you’re right- you can’t. That’s why we teach about COMEDY: it’s the industry, skills, techniques, and plan required if you’re really going to make it as a pro. And we’ve put together a weekend intensive to share it with you.

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To be a great comedian you need to understand the industry, write funnier/more genuine material, get paid gigs, build your fan base, be more comfortable on stage, and start to develop your comedy ‘voice’ that allows you to differentiate yourself from the pack.

We know the burning questions, doubts, conflicting advice, and obstacles encountered along the way can leave you frustrated and confused.

Questions like:

‘What should I be working towards in the next 6-months?’
‘How do I go about getting paid gigs?’
‘How do I grow and build a following?”
‘How do I showcase?’
…the list goes on….

Comedy Uncovered is here to help. We’ll show you how to change your approach to not just develop into a better comic, but to help you navigate this incredibly competitive industry.

Whoever said “you can’t teach comedy” is wrong. Ever heard of the greats like Eddie Murphy, Louis. C.K., Bill Burr and Jerry Seinfeld? They had guidance when they started. Someone showed them how to approach their craft.

We’ll help you establish the cornerstones of your career in comedy.

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Trust us: We’re Professionals…

Comedy Uncovered has worked with Just For Laughs, The Comedy Network, NXNE, and a dozen other local comedy festivals.

We’ve cast comics in TV shows, commercials, and short films.

Our sold-out live showcases have promoted the country’s top comedians and next breakout talents and sold over 2,500 tickets since 2012…and 2015 looks to be our biggest year yet. In short, we know how this industry works.

Hear advice straight from pros who have actually done it!


We’re not hacks, and we won’t let you be one either. We’re about raising the standards for talent to help you be more original, and to actually make a career out of telling jokes.

Here’s what you get when you join our LIVE Weekend Intensive Crash Course
  • 12 hours of intense, no-nonsense advice and guidance from comedy-industry professionals.
  • 3 Guest Lectures on making it in the business by successful professional comedians.
  • Lifetime Access to the Online Comedy Uncovered Course including recordings of all guest speakers, key lectures, and course material.
  • Plus 2 Tickets to Comedy Uncovered: Live! Watch the pros and get inspired by the best break-out performers in the scene.
  • BONUS! An audition for one of the Comedy Uncovered:Live shows! (Two available spots in 2015)

Where: Downtown, Toronto, Canada
Cost: $249 Early Bird Special.

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Kickstart your Comedy Career today!