John Mulaney at #JFL42: “Kid Gorgeous”

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By: Lauren De Vries

If you’re reading this, it’s entirely possible that John Mulaney is not dead. And also entirely possible that he killed the night before. I know this, because I saw him perform September 21st at the Sony Centre to an enthusiastic crowd of people mostly under the age of 40 drinking an average of one beverage per person due to an obscenely priced bar. And it was, to paraphrase the title of his new show, gorgeous.

A brief history before we go any further for those who aren’t aware of his meteoric rise to fame. John Mulaney was born in Chicago to a law-professor-mom and a partner-at-law dad. He attended Georgetown University where he met Nick Kroll, the comedian with whom he co-created and co-performed ‘Oh Hello’ on Broadway to totally stoked crowds. Mulaney is also famous for his writing of ‘Stefon’ on Saturday Night Live, his work on the show ‘Documentary Now’, and his stellar specials (The Top Part, New in Town, The Comeback Kid). There was also a brief attempt at a sitcom, but we don’t speak of that. We speak instead of the future (which is bright) and a new animated show that looks raunchy and delightful (Big Mouth).


At the head of the show, Mulaney wasted no time winning over the audience with some Canada-specific material. He shared an excellent story about crossing the American-Canadian border in a party limo and at one point referred to Halifax as a ‘socialist fishing village’ (much to everyone’s delight). He moved fluidly from longer, more complex bits about being imbued with a fear of crime at a very young age by a moustachioed policeman (hot tip: never go to a second location, not even a wedding reception) to shorter jokes about optimism and married life. Artful callbacks were also peppered throughout the show, giving giddy moments to longer and languidly funny narratives.

Mulaney also had an amazing stage presence. He moved like a showman from the 40s who had taken three dance classes and a Benadryl in the best possible way. If you can go see Kid Gorgeous, you should absolutely see it. And if you can’t, I wouldn’t worry too much. This special is sure to be aired somewhere to thousands of excited nerds around the world.

This reviewer is definitely one of them.

 John Mulaney will be performing ‘Kid Gorgeous’ all over North America. Just click on the link to buy your tickets before they’re all sold out!

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