John Mulaney at #JFL42: “Kid Gorgeous”

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By: Lauren De Vries If you’re reading this, it’s entirely possible that John Mulaney is not dead. And also entirely possible that he killed the night before. I know this, because I saw him perform September 21st at the Sony Centre to an enthusiastic crowd of people mostly under the age of 40 drinking an average of one beverage per person …

A Torontonian’s Comprehensive Guide to Montreal’s Just For Laughs – Our Recommendations for Best Shows, Food, Travel, and Parties

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Sure, attending the world’s largest comedy festival is on your bucket list, but you’re from the big smoke and don’t speak a lick of French. Don’t worry, Comedy Uncovered has got you…covered, and we don’t even speak French either! Below, we’ve got the scoop on fun stuff like parties, shows, and food, plus we touch on the lame logistics of travel and lodging.