Our Highlights from Just For Laughs 2017

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From celebrity galas to indie shows, podcasts to industry panels, midnight parties to 75 ft. floating angels (actually), it’s the mecca for comedy fans. Below, we’ve summarized some of the daily highlights from the fest. *Poutine not included…

A Torontonian’s Comprehensive Guide to Montreal’s Just For Laughs – Our Recommendations for Best Shows, Food, Travel, and Parties

Taylor Erwin Blog

Sure, attending the world’s largest comedy festival is on your bucket list, but you’re from the big smoke and don’t speak a lick of French. Don’t worry, Comedy Uncovered has got you…covered, and we don’t even speak French either! Below, we’ve got the scoop on fun stuff like parties, shows, and food, plus we touch on the lame logistics of travel and lodging.

Our Interview with Ryan Hamilton | Comedy Autonomy, Worst Gigs, and his upcoming Just For Laughs solo show, “Edgy, Boundary-Pushing Comedian”

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We talk shop with the incomparable Ryan Hamilton who was recently named one of Rolling Stone’s Top Five Comedians to Watch. Ryan dishes on his writing process, the worst show he ever booked, and why his Just For Laughs show this summer is ironically named “Edgy, Boundary-Pushing Comedian.”