#JFL42 Recap | Hari Kondabolu

Taylor Erwin Reviews

By: Lauren De Vries

The only people who may not have been impressed with Hari Kondabolu’s set on Wednesday evening, which received near-constant laughs, would be his parents.

The Show: As Kondabolu said while channeling his mom and dad, “800 people? Are you performing for a single Indian train car?”. Train car or not, I was certainly happy to be there. The American comedian surpassed the hype when it came to well-thought-out jokes that hit like a, well, train. In fact, I’m of the opinion that Kondabolu may have had some of the best constructed jokes of the festival. Whether he was talking about his airport experiences (‘This is just a depression beard! I’m only a threat to myself!’) or white terrorism (‘That guy seems like the picture of mental health. Unlike a suicide bomber, who completely has his shit together. Well, until he doesn’t.’), the punchlines were orchestrated carefully and with playful complexity. Of special note was Kondabolu’s longer story about the time he was almost in a movie with David Oyelowo and received tens of chest punches in renumeration. This is all to say that after one evening, I’m ready to buy all his albums. I suggest you give him an evening of your time as well.

Quick History: Hari Kondabolu is a 34-year-old New York born comedian slash podcaster slash actor slash enjoyer of mangos. He started performing and producing comedy in high school, continuing while at Bowdoin College. After college, Kondabolu interned at the Queens district attorney’s office as well as with then-Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Kondabolu then worked as an immigrants rights organizer before fully returning to the world of standup. His upcoming documentary ‘The Problem with Apu’ will air November 19th at 10PM on TruTV. 

Hari Kondabolu will be performing upcoming shows across the globe! But mostly North America and a bit of the UK. Just click on the link to buy your tickets before they’re all sold out! You can also follow him on Twitter as well as his Instagram for your f*&k Bill Maher needlepoint needs.