Top 10 Late Night Segments That Gave Us Hope the World Won’t End in 2017

Taylor Erwin Blog

By: Lauren De Vries

I think we can all agree that 2016 was a giant dumpster fire drizzled in the hopes and dreams of a generation, but before you give up hope and swan dive right into that self-shame dumpster, here are 10 late night segments that made everything feel okay (even if it was just for a few minutes).

1) Here’s ball of sunshine Daniel Radcliffe reassuring Trevor Noah and us that he still loves Harry Potter. Always.

2) And here’s John Oliver getting mad at some birds.

3) Because by law no list of good things in 2016 can exclude the kids from Stranger Things, here they are riding bikes and talking about the ’80s with Chelsea Handler.

4) Here’s a Cute Jimmy Fallon game with Cute Jimmy Fallon and Impossibly Serious Benedict Cumberbatch.

5) I have another belated Christmas gift for you, and it is Stephen Colbert manning a Butterball turkey hotline. You’re welcome.

6) And here’s an example of one of my favorite recurring segments on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Jokes Seth Can’t Tell.

7) I mean, you have to have seen this one, but if you haven’t James Corden tricked us all into thinking 2016 would be great early in the year with Adele in carpool karaoke.

8) And just because, here’s Conan O’Brien and Ryan Reynolds reenacting the Notebook.

9) And then a little Jon Stewart mixed in, featured by Sam Bee.

10) And finally, because what’s better in aiding hope than fueling rage, here’s Jon Oliver’s magnificent sendoff to 2016.